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Get Out

- By Laura Thomas

As you may have noticed from reading my reviews, attending movies is one of my favorite things to do. About three weeks ago I saw the trailer for "Get Out" and decided that this is a movie I must see when it's released.

Despite some fellow watchers making comments like "if you watched the trailer you've seen the best part of the movie" or "the movie wasn't all that," (and although I was a bit disappointed because I expected the film to be really scary) I still enjoyed the film.

The opening takes you to where Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) was packing to meet and spend the weekend with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) and her parents Missy (Catherine Keener) and Dean (Bradley Whitford).

On their way to Rose's family home, the couple hit a deer that sprang out of nowhere. I realized right away that this was a scene I should remember, as something would happen that connects you right back to this dead deer later. And boy was I right!

Automatically I knew Rose's brother Jeremy (Caleb Landry Jones) was disturbed and not a drunk like they were trying to portray him, but something was way off with the behaviors of Jim (Marcus Henderson) and Georgina (Betty Gabriel).

I also thought Missy and Dean's overly accommodating behavior was their way of dealing with their daughter's black boyfriend, but if you pay keen attention you will pick up that the members of the Armitage family aren't right.

What I didn't understand was why Rose didn't tell Chris in advance that there was a function at the grounds that weekend so he could be prepared for the weirdness; or why everyone knew who Chris was and what he did.

With a series of disturbing happenings, Chris soon begins to realize that he's in danger and he needs to leave – only to learn that the supposedly innocent Rose was not to be trusted.

If I give away too many details I will spoil the movie for you, but I can give you one bit of advice: pay attention to what is being said and the context of how words are being said. If you're smart, you can predict the next scene before it happens.

"Get Out" is now playing at UP'S Cineplex.